October 2012

October 4, 2012

Thoughts From The Cottage

Dear Friends


At the beginning of October, on Tuesday 2nd, we are holding a special Coffee morning for MacMillan Cancer Care and at the end of October we celebrate One World Week. In doing so our thoughts turn away from our church to the needs of other people and echo the words of a former Archbishop of Canterbury who said ‘The Church is perhaps the only organisation that exists entirely for the benefit of those outside it’. By this he did not just mean social care but evangelism.

An interesting exercise in the Western European & North American church would be to identify that the percentage of time the church spends on its own care (eg buildings, pastoral care, fellowship, discipleship), how much time it spends on social care (eg Lunch Clubs, refugee programmes) and how much it spends on evangelism (eg witnessing to non-Christians). It does not take a genius to realise that we spend most time on the first, some time on the second and least time on the third. This is in stark contrast to the words of Jesus which seem to place most emphasis on the third, much on the second and least on the first.

How do we get the balance right? We are not to neglect our care of the people and property God has entrusted to us but it needs to be proportionate and must not take up all our resources of time, energy, talents and money. Our pastoral care scheme is designed to ensure that we share the responsibility of pastoral care and our system of finance and building committees is designed to ensure proper care of our resources. If these all function properly it frees up time and people to focus on social care and evangelism.

It could be said that we are property rich and people poor as far as resources are concerned. This is not being negative or judgemental it is simply stating the fact that we have a wonderful suite of buildings but most of our membership is over seventy, albeit with a number of younger, newer members. This of course limits what we can do as we may have the premises and time available but not the personnel and energy required for new initiatives. However this must be seen not as an obstacle but an opportunity.

In times when social care, education, youth and welfare budgets are stretched and reduced at local and national level we need to be open to what we can do, as the Beacon and in partnership with CTB45, to fill the gaps. Equally we need to take seriously the command of Jesus to preach, teach and baptise in His name. On this latter point Francis Quinn, John Tew and myself are setting up an open meeting to discuss possibilities. As soon as a date is fixed it will be announced, please come along to that meeting if you can and help us to discern a way forward. Over the next few months there will be a number of new initiatives aimed at helping us to bring God’s love and the Gospel of Christ to those who do not yet know Him as we do. Watch this space!



Rubery Drama Group

From Thursday 25th October to Saturday 27th the group are performing “Death in High Heels” which is the second play in our Diamond Anniversary year.

This is a “whodunit” set in a London fashion house in 1937. Rehearsals are going well and so is set construction.

This play will be the directing debut for Jane Worth. Also two of our newer members are making their first appearance on stage for the group and another is making a comeback!

All this promises a very exciting performance so please come and support them, you will not be disappointed.