August 2017

September 19, 2017

Thoughts From The Cottage

Dear Friends

Two years ago, in July 2015, we agreed unanimously to revitalise the Beacon Church Centre, recognising that that would inevitably mean changes to our life and a greater commitment from us all. We willingly and happily committed ourselves to the task.

Since then there has been some good progress. We have begun Messy Church & Café Church as well as appointing Louise as Mission & Outreach Worker. Terry has taken on the role of Associate Minister and Frank has become an Elder again. We have begun experimenting with new technology in worship and with worship format. A Visiting Team and the Pastoral Support Group have come into being. Naturally some of these things have worked well others will need longer to assess their impact. More new initiatives are in the pipeline with midweek worship and the Life Explored course due to start in the Autumn. Between Easter and Pentecost 2018 we hope to run an evangelistic campaign.

All this has happened because people have committed considerable time, resources, energy and finance to the church but as is often the case much of the work has fallen on a few willing volunteers. None of these have limitless reserves and it needs the commitment of us all if we are to see the Beacon grow and flourish for future generations.

We are all human so things will go wrong, get forgotten, not be properly checked and we will run out of energy and oomph! Not all changes will be those we like and not all the changes we would like will happen. Some changes have been resisted. The test of our well-being as a church is how we cope with such things and rise above them in order to achieve our main purposes of worshipping God, sharing his love in practical action and the good news with those who do not yet know it.

There are some practical issues we need to address now.  All our rotas for such things as Door Steward, Coffee, Sound & Projection are short of people. We need to encourage more people to share in worship and Church Life Meeting and we all need to make these things a priority.

We are fortunate to a have a good suite of buildings that are well maintained and well used by the community. However, there is expensive work required to ensure that this continues. In addition, being good stewards of our resources may alter the way we do some things, one possibility being having winter Sunday morning worship in the Small Hall to save on heating costs.

The next three years promises to be an exciting time as we try new initiatives and discover what God has in store for us. Growth will come but it will not happen overnight. It will require hard work, finance, commitment and prayer from us all. It is not my project, not the Elders project, it is our project as members of the Beacon Church Centre. To be successful we all have a part to play. My prayer is that we will journey together to a successful future. Can we count on your support?