January 2018

January 16, 2018

Thoughts From The Cottage

Dear Friends

January is the month of new beginnings with all its hopes. We enter a new year optimistically aware of all its possibilities, all its opportunities and all it might bring us. That optimistic outlook is not just for our personal lives but also for our life as a church.

Last New Year wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. Apparently I looked so ill at the Christmas Communion that people thought I might not make it to the end of the service. When I finally went to the Doctor I was told that I was very ill and instead of a week in France I spent ten days in the Cardiac Care Unit at Worcester Royal Hospital. As I lay there in my hospital bed I said to God ‘I don’t want to die yet but if that is your will then so be it.’ I came out of hospital and with the help of pacemaker, medication and God I have re-gained my health, vitality, energy and enthusiasm. As I said at the time, if God has spared then it is because He has something for me to do.

What applies to me, applies to us all, both individually and as a church. So at the start of 2018 we look at the successes of 2017 and see how we can build on them, we look to the future and glimpse the possibilities that God has in store for us. Then we set about achieving them.

Messy Church has continued to develop and we look forward to this exciting initiative continuing to blossom and flourish. Having solved technical issues with the projection of worship videos we expect to see more and more use of video clips to enhance and enable our worship. Café Church has got off to a slow start after an initial burst of interest but with the input of further resources we look forward to it developing into a vital part of our programme.

In January we have two new, wonderful opportunities. Firstly Roger Jones is coming to run a Spirit Works day. Part of this approach is to spend time in prayer and worship waiting on God to see what His Spirit will do. It seems very appropriate to do this at the start of the year and it will no doubt set our agenda for the rest of the year. Also in January we are starting the Life Explored course which helps people to meet the Creator behind the universe. Whilst being ideal for those enquiring about the Christian faith it is equally relevant to Christians wanting to refresh their understanding and be inspired about God.

It really is going to be a wonderful 2018 as we travel through it with God.

Are you ready for an exciting time in 2018 with God?