Minister’s Blog

The idea of this blog is simply to highlight what is going on at the Beacon and occassionally pass comment on topical issues.


1st October

Now living in Bromsgrove. Great house, nice area, but very different from Barnes Close and I miss the fantastic view. However it is much better situated for access to both churches, shops and leisure facilities

16th September

Come and join us next Sunday as we celebrate our 162nd Anniversary.  It’s worship for all the family, including a Messy Church Taster Session at 11am and Cafe Church with Cake, Coffee, Conversation& Contemporary Christian Music at 6pm.

8th September

Yesterday’s celebration at Barnes Close was excellent. Inducted at Emmanuel Redditch this morning. which was great.

31st August

The Messy Holiday Club was great. Thanks to Louise and team

29th August

Just back from excellent holiday in Belarus

10th August

Excellent Mega Messy in the Park despite needing to be in indoors because of the weather. Great to work with other churches

29th July

Sorry about the gap due to holidays and work on return. We are in difficult and uncertain days which may see us crash out off the EU without a deal and lead to the break up of the UK. We are a truly divided country and we need to work and pray against policies that will strengthen that division.

19th June

It’s Enjoy Rubery this weekend. Look out for the posters around the village detailing the wide range of events.

15th June

You do not have to agree with someone’s politics to recognise that sometimes they might say something very profound and hit the nail on the head. Whatever you think of Ann Widdecombe her phrase ‘liberal tyranny’ hit the mark. She is absolutely right that the liberal ‘anything goes’ philosophy has become a tyranny and that those who speak out for traditional Christian values are at risk of censure, legal action and persecution. If we do not uphold the right of free speech the day will come when it will be impossible to proclaim the Christian Gospel without being arrested.

12th June

We launch Beacon Bible Storytime for parents and toddlers on Tuesday 18th June at 10.30am

9th June

Today is Pentecost when we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the early church. We pray for a fresh outpouring upon individuals and the church today. Where there is apostasy, heresey and where sin has become normal may they be confronted with the error of their ways and turned back to truth, Scripture and Christ.

4th June

Thirteen candidates for Conservative Party leadership, a sign of just how divided the party and the country is. We need someone elected who can unite the country, not further divide it. The Liberal Democrats are also seeking a new leader. Pray that the right person may be elected to each post.

30th May

Today is Ascension Day when we rememember the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ from earth to his throne in heaven. In doing so we need to ensure that he is enthroned in our hearts as our Lord, King and Saviour. Take time out today to reflect upon this.

19th May

How de we reconcile our belief in a God who welcomes all with our belief in a Saviour who said ‘follow me’? How do we proclaim a loving God who accepts us as we are with a Saviour who wants to disciple us? How do we deal with the prevasive universalism in the British church today that so inhibits our Christ given task to evangelise the world? Just some of the issues that we will give thought to in our worship today.

16th May

The Beacon Church Centre has been linked with Emmanuel Redditch and we have begun the process of seeking a Minister for the joint pastorate. Meanwhile I will become Interim Minister at Emmanuel this summer alongside my ministry at the Beacon. I attendeed my first Elders Meeting at Emmanuel last night.