Minister’s Blog

The idea of this blog is simply to highlight what is going on at the Beacon and occassionally pass comment on topical issues.


February 13th

We are looking forward to our second session with Nick this Sunday. It is vital that we take evangelism seriously.

February 8th

Last Sunday at the Beacon we had an excellent session led by Nick Stanyon (URC West Midlands Synod Evangelist) on sharing our faith despite being sidetracked into a discussion about church. Yesterday we had an excellent CTB45 session on praying for our community that kept getting sidetracked into evangelism. Of course church, prayer and evangelism are closing related but the dynamic was interesting

February 1st

Yesterday I attended the induction of a friend, Rev Jane Wade, as Minister of Abington Avenue United Reformed Church. It was a wonderful service blending contemporary with tradtional and with an excellent sermon by Rev Mike Newborn. Really inspirational as was visiting a church which has transformed its buildings to better serve the community.

January 24th

After far too long a gap it is time to re-actiovate this blog

Christmas at the Beacon was excellent with many visitors joining us at the Candlelight Carol Service and the Midnight Communion however attendence at the Christmas Morning Service was disappointing. The Christmas Dinner was again an excellent occassion.

Now, after their traditional break, all the regular activities have restarted and the church buildings are open seven days a week welcoming people to a whole host of activities.


March 9th

The meeting with the Synod Evangelist went well and led to three people attending a prayer walking training session. We also tried mapping our contacts which led us to discover that the church doors open 15,700 times in a year to admit people to the building. This equates approximately to 1300 a month, 300 a week, 43 a day and covers nearly 700 different people.

I continue to get many positive comments after Sunday worship and there is a good atmosphere in worship. My sermons are now on youtube so if you miss worship then at least you can hear the sermon. Copyright restrictions prevent us putting the whole service on youtube.

February 3rd

There was a good atmosphere in morning worship yesterday with lots of positive comments. Evening worship re-started yesterday and we had a good discussion on the theme ‘What does the Lord require?’. The texts were Micah 6:1-8 and Matthew 5:1-12. We centred around Micah’s statement, ‘do what is just, show constant love, walk in humble fellowship with God’

On Tuesday evening the Elders meet with the URC West Midlands Synod Evangellist to begin looking at our evangelism strategy.